Coronavirus Good Practice Signs

We have created a range of Coronavirus Good Practice Signs to help remind people of the various methods of good practice in the workplace and public spaces, which will help to prevent or limit the spread of Covid-19. Over the last six months, there have been a number of guidelines and protocols put in place by the Government regarding health and safety, and having the relevant signs in place at regular intervals can really help to remind people that good practice is required at all times and that vigilance in these matters can make a real difference. From the correct hygiene practice to social distancing and information on contactless payments, we can provide a range of sizes and can also provide custom quotations if you need a bespoke sign creating. What Coronavirus Good Practice Signs do I need?

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What Coronavirus Good Practice signs do I need?

The good practice signs your company might need will depend on the nature of your business. At present, the government guidelines still stipulate a 2 metre social distance rule, or 1 metre where it is not possible to have 2 – having signs in place to remind people to maintain their distance can help, whether it’s in your office, a construction site, a retail space or venue such as a restaurant or hairdressers.

Given that the majority of businesses (if not all) and public spaces have toilet facilities, providing signs which remind people of the relevant hygiene measures will help to stop the spread of germs and keep the risk of infection at bay.

While Coronavirus has dominated the news for the last six months, reminding people of the symptoms of the virus is as important now as it was in March. A sign which lists the symptoms will help to drive awareness and continue to promote vigilance. Many people may still be unsure how Covid 19 differs from the common cold, a sign displaying this information can help to further educate those who are unsure.

With regards to the various different types of signage and the measures your business needs to take, it is advised that all businesses carry out a risk assessment to look at all the potential risks associated and plan accordingly. Your businesses health and safety measures should be communicated to all employees and also be included on your company website if possible. You will also need to make sure that you are aware of the most up to date government guidelines and that your messaging reflects any changes.

Are good practice signs required by law?

Coronavirus good practice signs, and indeed any type of Coronavirus signage, are not a legal requirement however it is vital that workers and members of the public visiting your workplace/business/venue are aware of the measures you have put in place and comply with them.

Good practice signs are there to encourage people to adhere to the health and safety policies and are a key element of any Covid risk assessment. It is important to keep up to date with government guidelines to ensure your advice remains relevant.

How many good practice signs do I need?

The number of good practice signs you may need is dependent on the size of your business and property.
It also depends on the nature of your business. If you are seeing a steady flow of footfall throughout the day, it is advisable to have signs which remind people about maintaining social distance before people enter the building and then placed in strategic areas around the building, to act as a constant reminder that social distancing needs to be adhered to throughout.

If your business operates over a number of rooms, it is advisable to have signs in each room to reinforce the social distance messaging. Additionally, if your business operates over multiple floors, signs in either staircases, lifts or next to escalators will help to keep people alert at all times.

If your business has multiple toilets, it is worth having signs which reinforce good hand washing practice in each block, and the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ can be utilised in various locations around your building/facility.

If you are a business that sees a lot of transactions take place, such as a shop, pub or hairdresser, signs around your business which remind and advise about contactless payments are advisable.

Where should good practice signs be positioned?

Good practice signs can be positioned in a number of locations – fixed on walls, ideally at eye level, is the most popular location. Signs can be ordered with a self-adhesive backing for you to stick them to your wall or you can choose to mount them with a wall fixing.

If you are putting signs in a bathroom, they can be placed on toilet doors at eye level and also above sinks for people to see whilst they are washing their hands.

Contactless payment signs can be placed around your space to make sure people are aware but the most important place is to have them just before people need to pay, to ensure they know that contactless payments are preferred.

Signs regarding social distance used at construction sites could be positioned at the site entrance and in site offices and anywhere else that may see a regular flow of footfall.

Signs which advise against touching items should be placed as close to the location where these items are – to ensure people understand what you are referring to!

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need a sign which warns those who breach Covid-19 protocols will be removed from your business. With signs carrying this style of message, it is essential that they are placed in the most pertinent location. Is there a particular area of concern in terms of potential breaches? If so, the sign needs to be placed here.

What size social distancing signs do I need?

Common good practice sign sizes include: 200mm x 300mm, 400mm x 600mm and 200mm x 150mm. Our website product pages list all of the most common sizes that customers require.