Explosive Signs

Workplace accidents involving explosives can cause significant injuries and long-term damage, so minimising their occurrence through properly positioned explosive signs is the best action. These signs can be used in conjunction with other UK Safety Store signs to further reduce risks, such as the No Smoking No Naked Lights Sign.

If your workplace has facilities for heavy duty paint spraying, the combination of vapours and fumes produced in the process can create a hazardous explosive atmosphere that could be easily ignited. Using our Danger Explosive Atmosphere Sign is the perfect way to highlight this kind of dangerous environment and prevent accidents caused by people lighting naked flames, for example.

Compressed gas is another explosive risk in the workplace, and if a container starts leaking, it can take only a small ignition source to trigger an individual container explosion or multiple explosions if containers are stored close together. Employees can be reminded of the potential hazards of working around compressed gas with the Danger Compressed Gas Sign.

A more general explosive sign is the Danger Explosive Sign, which can be used to warn people of explosive substances stored within a container or room – this type of safety sign can be particularly useful in mining operations or demolitions where high quantities of explosive material may be in one place.

If you need to warn employees about a specific explosive hazard that isn’t covered by our pre-made signs, you can always create a Custom Hazard Warning Sign to make a bespoke, situation-specific warning sign about explosives. Our sign creator is easy to use and comes with a number of industry-recognised symbols, so making a custom explosive sign is easy.

If you operate a site with explosive substances present or one that can involve explosive hazards, it is required to clearly identify these for health and safety purposes, and to prevent any unwanted incidents.