Manual Handling Posters

While lifting heavy objects sounds easy on paper, using incorrect lifting techniques can cause unnecessary back strain or preventable injuries, depending on how prolonged this activity is and its frequency throughout the working day.

Our Manual Handling Posters are perfect for any workplace that involves regular repetitive lifting, and can be used to keep employees informed about the do’s and don’t of heavy lifting and increase their safety in performing their duties.

The best-selling Manual Handling Poster guides employees through the safest way to lift heavy objects by using a checklist approach; the poster covers everything from assessing whether an object is safe to carry in the first place, to lifting it in a way that doesn’t cause injuries, to planning ahead and working out where the object needs to go and how it needs to get there.

Another excellent manual handling lifting techniques poster to display in your workplace is the Safe Manual Handling Laminated Poster, which includes easy-to-understand images about proper risk assessment, keeping correct posture while carrying objects and using proper footwear for the task at hand, among other things.

It is always best to be prepared, and you could consider purchasing the best-selling GDPR First Aid Accident Record Book alongside any workplace safety posters. This first aid accident book is compliant with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations and includes easily removable sheets which can be filed to comply with GDPR requirements. 

Ideally, accidents will be kept to a minimum when the workforce is educated on proper lifting techniques and manual handling methods, but in the event of an incident, the circumstances can be recorded in this book and lessons learned to prevent a repeat scenario.

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