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Custom printed Glow in the Dark (photoluminescent) signage so you can get the right messages for potentially low-light environments. Our signs are custom printed onto photoluminescent glowing PVC materials that provide enhanced viewing under low-light conditions. Our Rigid plastic and self-adhesive Glow In the Dark Sign materials are popular for creating custom printed Fire Signage with unique messages for the organisations buildings or location. Our photoluminescent signs exceeds PSPA class B standards for luminance when tested in accordance with DIN 67510, to help you comply with UK Fire Safety Regulations. Get Free Artwork support and Free Delivery, but more importantly benefit from our helpful advice from our 30 years custom Glow in the Dark sign printing experience.
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Understanding Photoluminescence & Classifications

Ensure your buying the right quality Glow in the Dark Photoluminescent Signage. Photoluminescence signs provide an emission of light from the signs base material. This happens after the sign has had excitation from a light source. Time measurements between the absorption and emission may vary greatly from milliseconds to minutes, and the degree of luminance and its longevity will vary greatly depending on the quality of the Photoluminescent sign materials.

Photoluminescent Signs from UK Safety Store will meet or exceed The PSPA (Photoluminescent Safety Products Association) photoluminescent classification standards. The PSPA recommends Class B as a minimum requirement for effective use for safety way guidance systems.

Photoluminescent Classifications:

  • CLASS D - Very high initial performance with photoluminescence remaining good for up to 1 hour.
  • CLASS C - Higher performance in low light conditions
  • CLASS B - High performance in low light conditions
  • CLASS A - Cost effective photoluminescence


All Glow in the Dark Photoluminescent signs manufactured by UK Safety Store will meet or exceed the PSPA Photoluminescent Classification Standards. We also offer Extra-Glow "Class C" Photoluminescent signs for those looking for enhanced luminescence.