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Our diverse selection of warning signs is designed to protect employees and members of the public and reduce the risk of workplace accidents. Employers have a legal duty to display safety warning signs and to take steps to minimise the risk of injuries. Our range of warning signs covers a vast array of hazards and is compliant with current health and safety legislation. Displaying signs promotes safety and wellbeing and enables you to provide important information to keep accidents at bay. Where to position warning signs...

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  1. Danger Buried Cables Safety Sign

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  2. Danger Confined Space Sign Or Stickers

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  3. Warning Men Working Overhead Sign

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  4. Warning Deep Excavations Sign

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  5. Warning Site Entrance Sign

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  6. Warning To Public Sign

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  7. Danger Keep Out Sign

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  8. Warning Deep Water Sign

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  9. Warning Lorries Turning Sign

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  10. Danger Heavy Plant Crossing Sign

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  11. Danger Trailing Cables Sign

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  12. Warning Construction Site Keep Out Sign

    Special Price £3.96 £3.30 was £4.50

84 Products found

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Why are warning signs so crucial in the workplace?

There are hazards associated with every workplace, and even the most innocuous-looking office or store can harbour dangers. Warning signage is designed to alert employees and members of the public to potential threats and reduce the risk of accidents. Workplace injuries can take their toll on team morale and health and wellbeing and losing members of staff to illness can also hinder productivity. Employers also have a legal responsibility to protect employees and customers. If you fail to display the appropriate workplace warning signs, and you’re deemed negligent, you could face legal action.

Choosing the right signs for your workplace

Every workplace is different, and some business owners may need to invest in different signage to others. Warning signs highlight hazards and dangers, so it’s important to carry out risk assessments and check health and safety guidelines before buying safety notices. All workplaces must be compliant. Examples of warning signs range from construction site entrance signs and warnings about passing or heavy vehicles to high voltage, asbestos and wet floor signs. Displaying signs can help to minimise the risk of a diverse range of accidents, including electrical injuries, exposure to harmful chemicals, collisions with vehicles and slip, trip and fall accidents.

We offer warning signs that are ideally suited to temporary and permanent use. We have collapsible wet floor signs, for example, to alert people to spillages, as well as long-term solutions, such as wall-mounted notices.

Where to position warning signs

The primary purpose of warning signs in the workplace is to reduce the risk of accidents. Warning safety signs highlight hazards and their location will depend on the individual layout and design of the building. If you have an uneven surface, for example, or a hidden step, the sign should be placed close to the hazard so that people can see it and then look out for the change in level or the step up or down. Warning signs for sites that contain asbestos or hazardous materials should be positioned at the entry. Every safety sign should be clearly visible. If you’re using outdoor signs, it’s wise to keep an eye on the condition, as exposure to the sun and rain or wind can dull colours and cause lettering to fade. Replacing old and damaged hazard signs will help to keep people safe.

If you have any questions about our warning signs, or you’re not sure which signs to buy or where to put them, contact us today.