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We at the UK Safety Store manufacture pedestrian signs to help keep pedestrians safe when walking around your premises, and to remind those operating vehicles on your site that there may be pedestrians around

Pedestrian signs are vital for controlling the flow of people around your workplace, these pedestrian signs are particularly important within manufacturing and warehouse environments as these workplaces often have fork lift trucks and other vehicles operating which may pose a hazard to pedestrians.

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  1. Custom Freestanding A-Board Sign

    £22.99 £19.16
  2. Pedestrians This Way Arrow Right Sign

    from £8.09 £6.74
  3. Pedestrians Crossing Sign

    from £5.81 £4.84
  4. Pedestrians This Way Arrow Left Sign

    from £8.09 £6.74
  5. Pedestrians This Way Sign

    from £4.31 £3.59
  6. No Pedestrians Sign

    from £1.84 £1.53
  7. No Pedestrians Symbol Sign - 200w x 200h

    from £3.16 £2.63
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7 Items

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