Safety Signs

Our huge range of Safety Signs are designed to meet local and government regulations and we supply sign products to schools, construction, & building, warehouse, office and workplace environments. Selling to both Trade and public, we manufacturer our Signs in-house and offer a 5 year warranty against cracking and fading and a money back guarantee on our products.
Almost all our signs are available with bulk pricing and are kept in-stock for prompt delivery via Royal Mail or DPD Courier. We can also create customised signs with a short turnaround. Our signs are available in a range of materials, including self adhesive vinyl, rigid plastics, glow in the dark, fluted boards, and aluminum and a huge range of sign sizes.

Our Fire Exit Signs are designed to help you navigate during an emergency evacuation and Fire Safety Signs will inform you of assembly points and provide clear safety information in the event of a fire. Our Construction Sign range is designed specifically to warn of on-site dangers within the UK building and construction industry. First Aid Signs are fully compliant with BS EN ISO 7010 and are designed to protect employees, visitors and general public. Door Signs provide visual guidance for toilets and other information, including Fire Door Signs. And we manufacture many other Signs, please use the categories below or our search box above to locate the sign you require.

Our signs play a vital role in communicating safety information and we are proud to supply our client base, which include brand names you know and trust. If you can't find what you are looking for in our site, please make contact today via live support, telephone or email and we will do our best to ensure you are a satisfied customer.


Communicate Your Safety Messages Clearly with Legally Compliant Safety Signs

Clear and effective safety signage is an essential part of Health and Safety compliance. Fully compliant, our Safety Signs use internationally recognised symbols and colours to be instantly recognisable to your staff and the public as they visit your premises.

The UK Safety Store provides Safety Signs to a wide variety of industries and organisations including well-known brands, schools, construction companies, warehouses, offices and other workplace environments. We supply off-the-shelf signage and can also provide customised Safety Signs with your own logo and messages specific to you.

What Are the Different Types of Safety Sign?

Safety Signs are used for six main purposes:

  • Prohibition Signs indicate things you must not do, for example No Smoking Signs.
  • Mandatory Signs indicate things you must do, for example, Safety Clothing Signs.
  • Danger Signs warn of potential hazards that include a risk to life, for example Explosive Signs.
  • Warning Signs indicate hazards that could hurt you, for example Trip Hazard Signage.
  • Emergency Information Signs give you details that could help in an emergency, for example, First Aid Signs.
  • Fire Safety Signs help with firefighting and evacuation, for example Fire Exit Signs.

We have specific signs for the different industries we provide, including Construction Site Safety Signs, School Signs and Traffic and Parking Signs.

If you are moving to a new premises, or setting up a workplace for the first time, you may find one of our Safety Sign Packs useful – these are available for Construction, Retail, Offices and Schools, alongside specific packs to help with COVID Safety.

Indoor and Outdoor Signs in a Variety of Materials

Our signs are available in a variety of materials suitable for indoor and outdoor locations. These include self-adhesive vinyl, rigid plastic, fluted boards and aluminium. Glow in the dark features are available for dark areas, night-time or power outages.

What Do the Colours Mean on Safety Signs?

The colours used on Safety Signs are defined in Health and Safety legislation so they can be instantly recognised.

  • Red Signs indicate Danger, highlighting an area or behaviour that must be avoided.
  • Yellow or Amber Signs carry a Warning of something that could cause risk, such forklifts operating or trip hazards.
  • Blue Signs inform you about mandatory behaviour, stating something you must do, for example wear PPE.
  • Green Signs show you emergency escapes, such as Fire Exits.

Our huge range of Safety Signs are available with next day delivery and bulk buy offers. All our signs are designed to meet local and government regulations. They are made in the UK and come with a 5-year warranty against fading or cracking* (*not applicable to floor stickers). If you need more information about any of our safety products, contact our customer service team by chat, phone or email.