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When it comes to low-cost outdoor weatherproof signage Correx Fluted Plastic is material of choice. No matter what type of signage you need to display this impressive material is lightweight, flexible and strong, and takes a great print. Correx can be printed on single or double-sides and is available in a number of different thicknesses. Often used for Real Estate For Sale Boards, Construction Entrance Warning Signs, Security Fence Signs, Festival Parking signs and more.. Correx is the go-to material for low-cost temporary outdoor signage. Read more about Correx
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What is Correx?

Correx is a brand name for fluted plastic board made from corrugated polypropylene. The material is ideal for use in outdoor environments which works well for external signage and outdoor advertising. While it is a very light and can vary in thickness, it is quite strong for it's weight and a very versatile material that offers good value for money.

What signs is Correx used for?

The material’s great strength to weight ratio and weatherproof properties makes it a perfect fit for outdoor installations. While Correx is also used indoors for exhibitions and advertising campaigns, more commonly the material is printed for external application. This includes signage such as construction site advertising boards, real estate boards, fencing signage, and festival and event signs.

What are the benefits of Correx?

The main benefits of using Correx Fluted Plastic Board includes:

Weather resistance
You can install Correx signs in both indoor and outdoor spaces and the material has the ability to withstand exposure to changing weather conditions. While light it is a tough and durable material that in many cases can last for as long as 5 years. Scratch-resistant protection can also be applied to the surface for extra longevity.

You can recycle Correx boards with other PVC products, so the material is repurposed and used again, rather than heading to landfill.

Handling Correx is made easy thanks to its lightweight nature, the board can be cut into a variety of shapes and transporting the finished product for installation is easily achieved.

What size Correx Sign Board do I need?

The size of Correx board you need is entirely up to you and the purpose for your intended signage. There are some typical industry standard sizes for certain applications and our website will offer these on each product page.

How do I install Correx?

Many people use cable ties to install Correx signage, and thanks to the flexibility of the material there are a number of ways you can fix it into position. You can also use screws with washers, large head clout nails, posts, Velcro, silicones or glue based products. Alternatively, you can purchase sign holders that are specifically designed to hold certain types of signage... but for the most... drill a few holes and cable tie it on!