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Workplace Traffic signs are used to manage and control traffic in various locations, such as workplace traffic routes, construction sites, and around vehicle parking locations. They can be used to complement existing traffic management strategies to inform road users and pedestrians of potential hazards or provide warnings about issues that may affect them in the area. From In/Out and One-way signs to speed bump and parking related traffic signs, our range and custom printed traffic signs gives you everything you need to manage traffic using clear and robust signage. Learn more about traffic signage
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  1. Double Sided Metal Stop-Go Lollypop Sign

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  2. Custom Road Traffic Reflective Metal Sign

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  3. One Way Right Road Traffic Sign

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  4. Slow Traffic Sign

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  5. Custom Stanchion Sign Printing

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  6. Ramp Traffic Sign

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  7. One Way Left Road Traffic Sign

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  8. Event Parking Arrow Right Traffic Sign

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  9. Event Parking Arrow Ahead Traffic Sign

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  10. (IN) Temporary Road Sign

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  11. Diversion Ahead Temporary Traffic Sign

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  12. Speed Bump Traffic Sign

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  13. Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted Road Traffic Sign

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  14. (OUT) Temporary Road Sign

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  15. This Exit Must Be Kept Clear Traffic Sign

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  16. This Entrance Must Be Kept Clear Traffic Sign

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22 Items

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Traffic signs examples

Double side Metal Stop-Go Lollypop Sign

A Doubled sided sign that includes STOP & GO on each side, so oncoming traffic in both directions can react without causing unnecessary accidents. The Sop and Go signs are often used outside of schools to control traffic before and after school hours and on construction sites when vehicles are entering and leaving the entrance and exit zones.

One Way

A One Way sign is available with arrow left or right direction and is used to remind road users which way to head in a certain section. This plays an important role in controlling traffic and avoiding collisions and accidents and is usually post or wall mounted with metal fixing clips.

This exit must be kept clear

The This exist must be kept clear sign is also available as This entrance must be kept clear sign and is useful for roads and buildings where there is restricted visibility due to parked vehicles. Installing the sign instructs road users not to park in a particular space to avoid potential collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians.

Speed bump sign

This sign simply displays the speed bump symbol to warn road users of their need to reduce their speed before they come into contact with an uneven road surface such as a speed bump. Typical areas of installation for the Speed Bump sign is on driveways into business zones, or residential streets or estates where drivers need to control their speed as there is a greater risk of coming into contact with pedestrians and other vehicles entering or exiting the area.

Give way sign

The Give Way sign is installed at the end of a road to remind road users that they need to give way to traffic they intend to join. It is also frequently used in car parks, industrial estates and on private land, but is not suitable for the public highway.

Temporary traffic signs

Temporary traffic signs are not wall- or post-mounted but can be mounted onto stanchion frames or cones so they can be set up and taken down quickly and efficiently. They can be used in a variety of settings, whether it’s for roadworks, cycling lanes or for crowd control at events. The signs are designed for long-term use despite being called ‘temporary’ because they can be easily moved and redeployed in new locations on a repeated basis. The materials used are also weather resistant, so they respond well to exposure to changing temperatures and outdoor conditions.

Permanent traffic signs

Permanent traffic signs are the kind seen attached to walls or posts, displayed on main roads and motorways, or in car parks and other areas that are used by vehicles. They provide simple messaging about speed limits, parking directions, height restrictions and more. These types of signs are intended for long-term display as they are related to road safety regulations that drivers and road users need to be reminded of. They are typically made from aluminium composite board which is suited for outdoor environments and testing conditions throughout the course of the year.

What is the best traffic signage for businesses?

Due to the wide range of traffic signs available, the best traffic signage for businesses and other organisations depends on the type of premises you own the safety measures you wish to implement. Whether the sign will be used temporarily or installed for long-term use will also affect the type of sign that’s needed. EN ISO 7010: 2019 is a standard that applies to all graphical signage, laying out the technical requirements for hazard and safety signs, including principles and colours set out in ISO 3864 for these types of symbols. Traffic signs also need to comply with UK legislation, which varies slightly depending on the type of sign being installed. For example, BS EN 12899-1:2007 sets out a series of standards that need to be adhered to for fixed vertical road signs, which includes the display of a CE mark by manufacturers. Another standard to be aware of is BS8442, which covers “miscellaneous road traffic signs and devices”. This can include stop/go signs, barriers, rigid and flexible portable signs, bollards and road studs. Section 64 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 also provides some guidance on road traffic signs, offering definition on their use and purpose. The rules and regulations related to road traffic signage can be quite complex and working with a trusted sign supplier can offers a way of remaining compliant with the design aspect of the sign and avoiding any unnecessary legal issues.