Fire Assembly Signs

What are fire assembly point signs?

A fire assembly point sign, also known as a fire muster point sign, is used to highlight a designated area where people should gather in the event of an emergency. This is vital to ensuring no one evacuates a building during a fire only to find themselves in an unsafe location.
In addition, it allows the responsible person to quickly see who has made their way to the fire assembly point and who may still be in the building. The importance of emergency assembly point signage is underpinned by its inclusion in UK regulations. Failing to provide adequate signs could leave you at risk of legal action if you were found to be negligent post-emergency. UK Safety Store has a wide range of fire assembly point signs to help your business protect lives and comply with regulations. Whether you need a standard UK-compliant fire assembly point sign, or a specialist keep clear fire muster point sign, we have the perfect solution for your business’ fire safety signs needs. Read more below on where these signs should be located and the regulations surrounding them.
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Where should fire assembly point signs be located?

Fire assembly points signs should be located clearly in a high position (maintaining visibility in a crowd or from a distance) at the fire assembly point. The fire muster point should be a safe area outside the premises, typically at a distance that’s twice the height of the building. This varies depending on the height of the building because the fire assembly point must also take into account the risk of falling debris.

Are fire assembly point signs required by law?

Having a safe and effective evacuation plan is required under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO). This includes emergency assembly point signage. Without a fire assembly point sign, the fire assembly point would be unknown to anyone who is unfamiliar with what to do in the event of a fire (guests, visitors, customers, etc). According to the RRFSO, it is the role of the ‘responsible person’ to conduct a fire risk assessment to ensure fire safety risks are identified and that every reasonable action is taken to reduce the likelihood and impact of that risk. This includes the installation of signage.

Learn more about fire evacuation signs

Your business must have an adequate fire evacuation plan and use clear signage to direct and instruct people in the event of an emergency. This involves many types of sign. UK Safety Store makes safety simple for your business. With our resource hub, you can benefit from a wealth of expertise on fire safety. To learn more, read our guide to fire exit and door signs regulations.