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Fire Assembly Signs

Current fire legislation requires all businesses to clearly identify their fire assembly locations, no matter how big or small they may be. These signs help to prevent confusion and lead people to safety in any circumstances. As a business owner, regardless of the regulations, it’s important to make sure your employees and customers are always safe and well-informed in case of an emergency. That’s why choosing clear and concise fire assembly signs for your building is essential. How to choose an Assembly Point Sign

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How to Choose an Assembly Point Sign

In a fire, people need to be able to act fast in order to get out of danger. While holding regular fire drills can be effective, there is often a state of panic, fear, or disorganization that takes when an actual emergency presents itself.

A fire assembly point is a safe location where both your employees and customers/visitors can congregate to make sure everyone is secure in case of an emergency. If you have one assembly point for your business, having multiple fire assembly signs will help to reduce confusion and allow people to reach safety faster.

Choose the right fire assembly point sign for your business

First, it’s important to note that any signage is better than none. You will want a variety of options to lead people in the right direction quickly. With that in mind, numbered fire assembly point signs are great for larger buildings. Not only will they let people know they’re going the right way, but if you have more than one assembly point, numbered signs will clear up confusion during a time when people might not be thinking clearly. Assembly signs with directional arrows will also help to ensure people they’re going in the right direction. At the UK Safety Store, we’re proud to offer a variety of such signage.

Because fires can happen any time, day or night, it’s also important for assembly signs to be visible in the dark. We offer photoluminescent versions of most of our signs that will allow you to point out assembly areas even in the dark, so no one gets left behind.

Identifying Safe Areas

It’s also important to clearly identify where your safe areas are, which is why we offer easy-to-read meeting point signs as well. The location of your assembly point needs to be clearly marked, so choosing a large sign for that particular area can make a big difference. All of the fire assembly signs by the UK Safety Store are intended to keep your business as compliant as possible while keeping the people in your building as safe as possible.

If you have questions about any of our fire assembly point signs or want more information about how they can work for your building and specific space, feel free to contact us. Safety is in our name for a reason, so we’re happy to answer any questions you may have that can help to save lives, keep people calm during an emergency, and quickly get your employees and visitors to safety.