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Whether it’s for the protection of people, property or land, security signs provide important information to ensure everyone is aware of any restrictions, rules or dangers that exist. Some security signs are required by law, for example, businesses should install signage related to CCTV if camera systems are actively recording external spaces, and many provide warnings/deterrents around criminal activity. We offer an array of security signs that can be used in internal and external environments, with customisable designs and fast deliveries also available. Read more about security signs
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  1. 6-Pack CCTV In Operation Signs

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  2. CCTV In Operation Warning Sign

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  3. CCTV Images Are Being Monitored Sign

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  4. Custom CCTV Security Sign

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  5. CCTV In Operation For The Purpose Of Sign

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  6. CCTV In Operation Stickers (4 Pack)

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  7. Fly Tippers Beware CCTV (Max Penalty) Sign

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  8. No Dumping No Fly Tipping Sign

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  9. No Fly Tipping CCTV Sign

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  10. Security Notice CCTV In Operation Signs

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  11. Caution Guard Dogs Signs

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  12. Security Surveilance In Operation Signs

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  13. No Fly Tipping Sign

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  14. Site Safety Warning Forest Operations Sign

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  15. Custom Security Boards

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  16. Security Notice Mobile Patrol Area Sign

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  17. Security Notice Dog Patrol In This Area Signs

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  18. Attention No Fly Tipping 24H CCTV Sign

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  19. Custom No Fly Tipping Sign Printing

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38 Items

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What are Security Signs?

Security signs are used to provide important information to ensure people are aware of any restrictions or measures in place to protect the area. For example, CCTV signs remind visitors and passers-by that video footage is being recorded, while a fly tipping sign can offer information about potential fines being issued if waste is dumped without permission. Security signs can be installed indoors or outdoors and are manufactured using a range of materials, from aluminium faced board (dibond) for strength, to lightweight cost-effective corrugated plastic (Correx), to self-adhesive pvc vinyl stickers.

How do you install security signs?

Security signs can be installed in a variety of different ways depending on the material it is made from and the location it is being installed into. At UK Safety Store we have security and CCTV signs that can be installed in interior and exterior environments made from materials such as aluminium composite, aluminium composite, rigid plastic and self-adhesive vinyl.

Our exterior signs are all fully weatherproofed to offer protection against wind, rain, ice and UV rays so they last for longer.

This enables businesses to install security signs on an array of surfaces, including brickwork, fencing and windows to ensure everyone is aware of the security measures that are in place. We can also provide signs with drilled holes to make the installation process easier to manage.

Where should you place security signs?

There are some regulations that must be adhered to with regards to where they are installed. For example, businesses using CCTV systems will have to register as a CCTV operator with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

CCTV legislation states that signage must be installed around the property to inform people that the property is under video surveillance. The signage must be clearly visible and state the name and contact details of someone who works for the company on the sign, as it allows individuals to raise any queries they may have or lodge a complaint.

What are some different types of security signs?

CCTV signs

CCTV signs can be designed in lots of different ways. For example some have a simple CCTV in Operation Sign message, while others tell you that These premises are under 24 hour CCTV surveillance. They are available in a variety of sizes made from materials such as aluminium, rigid plastic or self-adhesive vinyl and all conform to the EN ISO 7010 standards.

Fly-tipping signs

Installing a fly-tipping sign offers a good way to warn people about the consequences of dumping waste on private property. A No dumping or fly tipping sign could include information about any CCTV in operation and also remind individuals that they could be prosecuted if they are suspected of illegally dumping materials.

Customisable security signs

A customisable security sign features a simple, fixed design and the option to add unique text that is relevant to the installation location. For example, this customisable CCTV sign warns that cameras are in operation, with a space below for unique text. Other types of customisable security signs offer the option to change the layout, add logos and more.

Caution – Guard dogs

A Caution – Guard dogs sign ensures that people are aware that guard dogs are being used on the site. Designed in yellow and black, it helps to protect property and to make potential intruder’s to think twice about entering a location they are not allowed into.

Site security signs

Any area of construction should have a site safety sign in place to workers, visitors and the public are aware of the risks nearby. This site security sign contains 8 multi-message warning blocks with writable sections providing information about protective clothing, speed limits, location restrictions and about machinery and vehicles that will be in operation nearby.

Learn more about security signs

To learn more about security signs and safety signage in general, visit our dedicated resource hub to see how signs can be used to protect people, property, land and businesses.