Fire Door Signs

The fire door signs range from the UK Safety Store gives instructions for use on fire doors. They are clearly visible and easy to read allowing you to get the message across quickly which is crucial should a fire break out on your premises.

Fire doors are specifically designed to slow the spread of a fire in a building, this is achieved by using slow burning materials within the panels of the door which will contain the fire within a room for a significantly longer period of time than a standard door. In order for these doors to function correctly and provide additional protection in the event of a fire it is important that they are shut.

The signs available in this range allow you to give a clear message to all employees and visitors to your site regarding what to do with your fire doors. The messages included on the signs in this range vary slightly but mainly highlight the need for the door to be kept shut. As fire doors form part of your passive fire protection system it is vital that they are clearly identified in order to protect your building and its occupants.