Site Safety Information Notice Boards

When chemicals and other hazardous substances are present on the worksite, it’s imperative to warn employees and members of the public. Our site hazard signage can be used to make everyone aware of the possible dangers as well as listing any other important information that may be useful to anyone working on site. We also offer custom signs which can feature any artwork of your choice, and the dry-wipe finish allows you to amend any information.

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  1. Custom Correx Fluted Plastic Sign Printing

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  2. Custom Dibond Composite Sign Printing

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  3. Custom Printed Site Safety Sign Boards

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  4. Permits Notice Board (Portrait)

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  5. Site Safety Sign 300W x 350Hmm

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  6. Stay Sun Safe UV Site Board Sign

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  7. Permits Notice Board (Landscape)

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  8. Sun Protect UV Skin Safety Board Sign

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  9. Feedback Board

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  10. Custom Todays Risks Include Sign

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  11. Custom Your Ideas Sign 900mm x 1200mm

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  12. Custom Site Information Sign 1200mm x 1200mm

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  13. Custom Site Plan Sign 2400mm x 1200mm

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  14. Custom Site Safety Sign 3600mm x 2100mm

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  15. Site Safety Board

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  16. Cold Weather Working Site Board

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  17. Site Route Board

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  18. You Are Here Sign

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  19. Welcome Project Board

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  20. Environmental Board

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  21. Emergency Plan Notice Board

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  22. Your Ideas Notice Board

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  23. Fuel Spillage Management Notice Board

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  24. Community Noticeboard

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  25. Site Safety Notices

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  26. Deliveries Notice Board

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  27. Your Design Here Notice Board

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  28. Clean Your Hands Don't Pass It On Sign

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  29. Sun Cream Sign

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37 Items

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What is a health and safety board sign?

A health and safety board is a large sign which depicts several pieces of safety information, which would otherwise be portrayed by individual signs. As there are many types of construction signs with regulatory requirements for their appearance and placement, the health and safety board includes industry-compliant designs while communicating a greater amount of instructions or warnings in a more efficient way. For this reason, they are also often referred to as Multi-Message Boards.

What information should a health and safety board include?

A construction site safety board could include a wide variety of instructions, warnings or information, depending on the purpose of the health and safety board. For example, the Safety Starts Here site safety board includes: a list of mandatory construction signs for personal protective equipment, such as safety helmets and protective footwear must be worn; a list of prohibited action signs, like observe the speed limit and no smoking; and warning signs. We stock an extensive range of health and safety boards for different construction purposes. Browse our products or get in touch to find a suitable and compliant site safety board for your business.

Where should health and safety boards be located?

A health and safety board should be located in the area it refers to. For example, the above-mentioned Safety Starts Here sign should be placed at the entrance of your construction site, as it refers to PPE equipment that must be worn on site and warns parents of the importance of not letting their children enter the site. On the other hand, the Traffic Warning sign should be placed in an area where work vehicles operate in. Where you locate your health and safety board should be the same as individual signs, which you can determine through a risk assessment. This involves a five-step process where you identify the risks and hazards of your site before putting measures in place to reduce the likelihood and impact of each, including the installation and maintenance of adequate safety signs.

Are health and safety boards required by law?

A health and safety board is not specifically required by law, if appropriate individual signs are used instead. Site safety boards are simply a more efficient way of communicating several warnings and relating actions visitors and workers must adhere to in order to maintain safety on site. UK regulations which refer to the locations of construction signs include the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 (HSR), which details the correct application, types and use of safety signs in construction and states any risk or hazard must be highlighted by building site signs to protect employees and comply with standards, and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999), which highlights the need for accountability and the importance of the above-mentioned risk assessment.