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Car park signs help to communicate and manage parking areas, which in turn can improve safety in public and private car parks. There are different types of car park signage that can indicate warnings, hazards, inform staff or customers, and instruct drivers where to park vehicles. UK Safety Store stock a range of car park signs that are suitable for use in a range of locations and environments, so employees, permit holders, customers and more are always aware of your parking guidelines. Our signs can be made in aluminium, rigid plastic and Dibond and are easy to install and come with a 5-year anti-crack and fade guarantee to ensure your signs can stand the test of time. Learn more about car park signs
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Where should I install my car park signs?

The installation for car park signs is often dictated by the purpose of the sign and information displayed on it. For business and private parking environments a risk-assessment of the environment, taking into account directional routes and restrictions is an important step to choose the signage you require and where it should be located. Professional car park associations and bodies also offer guidance on where to install car park signs for larger operations.

For both public and private car parking situations, signage should ideally be visible from inside and outside of a vehicle to help drivers understand the regulations for that site. Car park signs can help keep your location disruption free and make the car park a safe place for drivers and pedestrians.

What material do I need for a car park sign?

Car park signs are available in a range of sign materials and surface finishes, some of the common types of car park signage are:

Reflective signs

This type of finish is ideal for cark parks, private land and industrial estates. Reflective signs are easier to read at all times of the day and come into their own after dusk when the reflective finish becomes illuminated under vehicle lights.

Non-reflective signs

Generally a suitable option for car park locations where signs can often be seen under artificial lighting or during daylight hours.

Rigid Plastic

A strong and lightweight PVC plastic material suitable for interior and exterior use. Can be drilled/fixed or stuck onto to a wide range of surfaces. Also often available with sticky self-adhesive backing.

  • Light and strong
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Internal and external use

Aluminium Composite Board

A 3mm resin core wrapped either side with an Aluminium facing. Perfect for both external and internal use, this board is ideal for larger signs or when a strong sign material is required. Can be drilled or screwed onto surfaces or post-mounted using a sign channel & sign clips

  • Good strength properties
  • More rigid than plastic PVC
  • Aluminium faced resin board
  • Internal and external use

Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker

A flexible glossy self adhesive PVC material with permanent adhesive backing suitable for both interior or exterior use. Best fixed to smooth clean surfaces.

  • Flexible vinyl/pcv sticker
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Internal and external use
  • Easy to apply

What are the different types of car park signs?

Parking signs and car park signs are used to display wide variety of information depending on the parking site and surrounding environment. Common car park signs in the UK are:

No parking signs

No parking signs help deter motorists from parking in locations that may be reserved for various reasons or require access. Used for both businesses and private locations to prevent vehicles from being parked, they can be included in car park locations, often alongside painted lines and symbols on the ground for added attention.

Visitor parking signs

A Visitor parking signs can prove helpful in directing non-employees, members of the public and other visitors to your organisation and ensuring their vehicle is parked in the right space. They are typically made from aluminium, Dibond or rigid plastic in order to withstand changing weather conditions. To help with installation, we can also drill installation holes free of charge (this applies to all our car park signs) to make the process much easier to manage.

Employee and customer parking signs

These signs are frequently used by businesses to instruct employees where their designated parking areas are located. It also ensures that non-employees and other visitors to the site are aware that these spaces are reserved solely for employees and are not to be used. The same idea also applies to Customer parking signs. Employee parking signs and Customer parking signs can be wall or post-mounted and are usually weatherproofed due to their outside installation. At UK Safety Store, we also provide a 5-year warranty against cracking or fading (this applies to all our parking signs).

Private parking signs

Private no parking signs are one of the most common types of private parking signage, and there are many other messages and designs. For example, a private parking sign could inform drivers that parking is for residents only, or that they are not permitted to enter a privately owned road. If a fine needs to be issued to a driver who has parked in a private parking area, car park regulations ask that the sign clearly states this, including how much the fine would be. This ensures the driver is aware of the restrictions and possible consequences and it gives them the opportunity to move their vehicle.

Disabled parking signs

Disabled parking signs feature the international symbol of accessibility and help to make parking more convenient for disabled drivers. This helps them to identify parking spaces and zones that are reserved for disabled permit holders. Disabled parking spaces are usually a lot fewer in number compared to non-disabled spaces, so having clear signage in place helps to ensure disabled drivers have the appropriate room required to support their needs.

Are there any car park sign regulations to be aware of?

Before you purchase and install any car park sign it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with any laws and regulations associated with your parking space and what you are wanting to achieve by use of signage.

The law states that businesses with parking attached are categorised as private parking, as it is on land that the company owns (if you operate out of business park or similar, the owners of property and land will be responsible for this). If you are the landowner, you can manage the car park yourself or hire a private parking company to do so on your behalf. If you are a private car park operator you are required to be a member of an Accredited Trade Association (ATA) and to follow the Code of Practice. This will include more detail about where to install car park signs, their size and the type of content required.

Even if you are not the owner of a private car park, you may need some signage to direct drivers, manage speed levels and to ensure instructions are in place to support health and safety. Take a look at our full range of traffic and parking signs to find what you might require for your site.