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Stanchion signs are a popular option for temporary signage on construction sites, outdoor events, parking areas and much more. Cost effective and easy to setup, these types of signs can be reused multiple times and setup up in a matter or minutes, ensuring health and safety measures for workers, pedestrians and vehicles are maintained. We offer standard warning and instructional stanchion message signs, along with customisable signs to enable you to print a specific message relevant to your site. Read more about Stanchion Signs
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What is a stanchion sign?

A stanchion sign is a sign that uses a metal frame to display a sign message. It is positioned on the ground so road users and pedestrians can view the signage to make them aware of any directions, warnings or hazards that may be present nearby. Stanchion signs are used to display easy to understand messages, such as speed limits, No Entry, Warning and more. Typical examples of a stanchion sign would be used to display temporary road works messages, or festival event parking.

What are the benefits of using a stanchion frame sign?

Some of the benefits of using a stanchion sign include:


One of the biggest benefits of a stanchion sign is their portability. They can be set up quickly and efficiently without the need for any additional tools, and usually have a mechanisim to keep the legs firmly in position. If the sign needs to be relocated to a new position, it can be folded flat and repositioned without unnecessary delays.


Stanchion signs are typically used for temporary message displays, such as parking flow or crowd control for events, on construction or building site traffic routes, or when there are road works taking place. Customisable stanchion signs can be printed to drop into the Stanchion Frame, so a specific message can be displayed that is relevant to the event or location where it is being used.

Health and safety

Whether it is being used at a festival or to warn road users of roadworks ahead, stanchion signs help to reduce the chances of an accident or collision taking place. They are designed with a distinct colour contrast between the lettering and background, with a simplified message making it clear what action needs to occur.

Cost efficient materials

Stanchion signs are typically made from 3mm aluminium composite board, making them strong, weatherproof and ideal for outdoor use. They will be exposed to a host of different weather conditions such as UV rays, rain, wind and ice - and this material has a resin core sandwiched by thin Aluminium facing that provides strength but is also still fairly lightweight. Stanchion signs can also be made from thin zink coated steel sheet, providing very strong sign properties for heavy duty applications.

Improve safety on your site using Stanchion Traffic Signs

Whether it’s to warn pedestrians of nearby vehicles or to direct people in a certain direction at large outdoor events, health and safety is always the number one priority. UK Safety Store offer a comprehensive range of stanchion signs, traffic signs, speed limit signs, car park signs and much more that are suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor environments. We print custom traffic signs so you can display the right messages for your organisation, and many of our signs can be recycled at the end of use.