Construction Signs

We are proud to offer one of the largest and most diverse collections of construction signs in the UK. Curated to serve the needs of the UK construction industry, we stock an array of construction site signs and building safety notices to protect employers, employees and members of the public. It is a legal requirement for site owners and operators to display suitable construction safety signs. All our signs are ISO 7010 compliant and cater for both short-term and long-term use. If you can't find what you are looking for - our custom construction signs products allow you to create your own site sign from uploaded artwork or following the products instructions. Read more...

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The importance of Construction Signs

Construction sites can be dangerous places, with hazards lurking around every corner. Construction site safety signs are designed to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, protecting workers and members of the public. Signs highlight potential hazards and dangers, as well as pointing employees or visitors to designated first aid points and emergency equipment in the event of an accident.

As well as pointing out hazards and directing site users in the direction of urgent medical equipment, building site signs also play a crucial role in the efficient day to day running of the construction site.

Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that every site has the relevant construction signage. This is an essential step to reduce the incidence of workplace accidents and injuries and ensure that members of the public are aware of the location of prohibited sites.

Types of Construction Signs

A construction site contains a raft of potential hazards, and as such, a diverse range of safety signs is required. We are delighted to be a leading provider of construction safety signs, and we have a huge range of signs available. Our signs are designed to highlight dangers, point people in the direction of medical equipment, fire exits and first aid help, to provide information for employees and visitors and to enable workers to access safety clothing and equipment with minimal hassle. We stock everything from no entry and restricted access signs to hazard notices and PPE signs

Where to display Construction Site Signs

There is a large selection of construction signs available, and the location of signs will often depend on the type of signage and its intended purpose. If you’re using a no entry sign to prevent members of the public entering the site, for example, this should be placed at the entrance of the site in a place that is clearly visible to passers-by. If you’re buying a sign to alert people to passing vehicles, this should be located close to access routes and internal pathways. All construction safety signs should be easy to spot and read.

Choosing the right Signs

Every employer has different requirements, and you might find that you need different signs for individual projects. Check the latest health and safety regulations and then browse our selection of building site signs to identify suitable products.

If you have any questions, or you’d like advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced team can offer advice based on the project and the geography of the site.