Hazard Signs

Hazard Signs are a category of Safety Signs that warn of potential risks in the surrounding area. Hazard safety signs typically include Warning, Danger, Caution and other simple but strong words with pictograms (symbols) to convey the sign message. Hazard Signs help to prevent accidents in a location or workplace and allow businesses to comply with the Health and Safety Signs and Regulations. Hazard Signs are a cheap but effective way that can reduce accidents in and around a work place environment.

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  1. Warning Deep Excavations Sign

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  2. Warning Deep Water Sign

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  3. Warning Site Traffic Sign

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  4. Custom Freestanding A-Board Sign

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  5. Electrical Risk Symbol Sign

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  6. Caution Hot Surface Sign

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  7. Danger Compressed Gas Sign

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  8. Flammable Sign

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  9. Mind The Step Sign

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  10. Danger Asbestos Warning Sign

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  11. Caution Trip Hazard Sign

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  12. Danger Drop Below Sign

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  13. Highly Flammable LPG Sign

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  14. Warning flammable gas sign

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  15. Caution Wet Paint Sign

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  16. Warning Uneven Ground Sign

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  17. Danger Fragile Roof Sign

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  18. Warning Pesticides Sign

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  19. Danger Keep Out Sign

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  20. Warning Site Entrance Sign

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  21. Danger 415 Volts Safety Sign

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  22. Danger 400 Volts Safety Sign

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  23. Warning Fire Risk Sign

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  24. Dangerous Chemicals Sign

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309 Products found

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Improve Workplace Safety with Hazard Signs to Alert Staff and Visitors to Dangers that Cannot Be Removed

If a hazard can be removed from the workplace, it should be. However, there may still be permanent or temporary risks that need to be highlighted. Hazard Warning Signs bring attention to the hazard with clear, recognisable visual indicators and so reduce the risk of accidents.

What are Hazard Signs?

Usually in yellow and black, with a visual representation of the hazard, Hazard Signs increase workplace safety by alerting those on your premises to hazardous conditions, obstacles, or other dangers that are not likely to be life threatening. Risk Assessments should determine where hazards lie in your workplace, and which signs are required.  

What are the 9 Hazard Symbols? 

The 9 Hazard Symbols recognised by COSHH are pictograms that illustrate common sources of danger. They include indications for: long-term health hazards such as carcinogens, explosive hazards, flammable substances, oxidising agents, corrosive substances, risks to the environment, compressed gas, the skull and crossbones to indicate toxins or danger, and the exclamation mark used as a generic warning sign.

Types of Hazard Signs 

All workplaces have a variety of hazards that staff, contractors, and visitors need to be made aware of. Simple Trip Hazard Signs should be used to indicate any object or situation that cannot be removed and is likely to cause a risk of tripping or falling. Electrical Hazard Signs are required where there is a risk of electric shock, such as overhead cables, high voltage cables, mains switches, live terminals or electric fences. Fire Hazard Signs should be in place to highlight flammable substances or other fire risks. Construction Sites need a wide variety of Hazard Signs.  

Our range of Hazard signs are available in a variety of sizes and designs. They come with next day delivery and bulk buy offers. They are made in the UK and come with a 5-year warranty against fading or cracking* (*not applicable to floor stickers). Some can be customised to carry your logo or specific message. If you need more information about any of our safety products, contact our customer service team by chat, phone or email.

Hazard Signs are just part of our huge range of Safety Signs and signs for specific industries such as Construction Site Safety Signs, School Signs and Traffic and Parking Signs.