Asbestos Signs

Asbestos was banned in the UK in 1999, but the material is still present in buildings across the country that were completed prior to the year 2000. When left alone, Asbestos poses no health risks, but during renovation or refurbishment work, any risks of airborne Asbestos fibres must be clearly identified to minimise risks to workers and to comply with rules such as the 2012 Asbestos Control Regulations.

Our range of Asbestos warning signs is perfect for highlighting parts of a building that contain Asbestos, so that proper care is taken and health risks are reduced. The Danger Asbestos Warning Sign can be used to identify walls or ceilings that contain Asbestos, and untrained personnel can be kept away with the Danger Asbestos Permit to Work Sign as well.

If the site contains a large number of Asbestos sources, our Warning Contains Asbestos Labels can be used to mark all relevant surfaces, and if the site is particularly large, having 250 warning labels to hand can be a big help in making a site more Asbestos-safe.

As mentioned above, intact Asbestos doesn’t pose an immediate health risk, but disturbing this by drilling, breaking or dropping Asbestos sheeting will release Asbestos dust and create an immediate threat to people working in the area. By using a Danger Asbestos Do Not Disturb Material Sign, alongside proper employee training, you can help to minimise the chances of Asbestos dust being released, and ensure that proper procedure is followed if damage does occur.

If you have workers that will be removing Asbestos or working alongside Asbestos, providing proper respiratory equipment is essential to keep them safe. Our range of Respiratory Masks includes FFP3 graded face masks, which are suitable for this type of work. Please note that FFP2 and below graded face masks are not suitable for protecting against Asbestos dust.