Fire Door Signs

Fire Door Signs are safety notices (many of them mandatory) which are designed to reduce the risk in an event of a Fire. Examples of mandatory Fire signs include "Fire Exit Keep Clear" and "Fire Door Keep Shut" notices intended to help keep Fire Escape routes from becoming blocked or obstructed.

Many Fire Door signs are available in a self-adhesive (or rigid plastic with self adhesive back) materials for easy application. They are typically a low cost option with the added benefit they do not compromise the integrity of a Fire Door with drilling or screws. Fire Door Signs made from a photo-luminescent material have the added benefit of being visible in both light and darker situations and can often still be seen in light-smoke filled environments. Fire Door signs are usually marked on both sides of the door.

A Fire Door is a door or shutter designed to provide passage for persons, air or objects, and which is intended (when closed) to resist the passage of fire or gaseous products of combustion. Fire Doors must meet specific performance criteria and in the case of specific locations be kept closed when not in use.

All Fire Doors must be marked with the appropriate Fire Door Safety Signage according to whether the door is:
a: To be kept closed when not in use (Fire Door Keep Shut Sign)
b: To be kept locked when not in use (Fire Door Keep Locked Shut Sign)
c: Held open by an automated release mechanism (Automatic Fire Door Keep Clear Sign).

For further Fire Door and Fire Sign Safety Information please contact your local Health and Safety Representative who will assess your environment and advise the appropriate Fire Door Notices. If you require further information about our Fire Door Sign products please contact one of our customer service team who will be happy to provide further information.