Wash Hands & Hand Sanitiser Signs

Wash Your Hands and Use Hand Sanitiser are just some of our Coronavirus Covid 19 specific Hand Hygiene signs. These hygiene reminder signs help reduce risk of spreading the virus and other contaminations associated with Hand Hygiene. We have a large range of Wash Your Hands signs and Use Hand Sanitiser Signs available to help keep reminding people of the importance of good hygiene. Available in many materials and sizes, these Hand Hygiene signs can be easily displayed in critical locations to reinforce guidance surrounding Coronavirus and washing, sanitising and cleanliness of Hands. Do I need handwashing signs or use hand sanitiser signs?

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  1. Custom Text Sign

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  2. Custom Freestanding A-Board Sign

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  3. Now Wash Your Hands Sign

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  4. Hand Washing Facilities Sign

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  5. Stop The Spread Of Germs Hygiene Sign (Blue)

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  6. Coronavirus Covid 19 Wash Your Hands Sign

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  7. Sanitise Your Hands Covid-19 Sign

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  8. Use Hand Sanitiser Sign

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  9. Use Handwash Station Before Entering Sign

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  10. Stop The Spread Of Germs Hygiene Sign

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  11. Did You Wash Them? Hygiene Sign

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  12. Wash Your Hands Hygiene Sign Pack

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  13. Hand Sanitiser Sign (Green)

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  14. Wash Your Hands Covid-19 Sign

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  15. Sanitise Your Hands On Entry Covid-19 Sign

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  16. Wash Your Hands Coronavirus Covid 19 Sign

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  17. Soap Kills Covid 19 Sign

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Do I need handwashing signs or use hand sanitiser signs?

For a majority of businesses, both handwashing and use hand sanitiser signs will be useful. You may have already had some of these signs in place prior to the outbreak of Covid 19. Hand sanitiser is more convenient for a large percentage of companies, who can offer hand sanitising facilities when employees/visitors enter the building, as well as offering frequent hand sanitiser stations throughout. Signs to encourage the use of these stations will drive awareness of their purpose and encourage people to use them regularly.

Handwashing signs, which are a good reminder of the importance of the necessary hygiene measures needed to control the virus, are most effective when placed next to handwashing facilities, such as bathrooms, kitchens and in canteens. You may also wish to place them around the building to remind them of the importance of this practice.

It is advised that all businesses carry out a risk assessment to look at all the potential risks associated with reopening and plan accordingly – hand sanitiser and handwashing measures have a part to play in helping companies to reopen safely and signage can help to drive that message home. Your business’ health and safety measures should be communicated to all employees and also included on your company website if possible.

Are hand washing signs or hand sanitiser required by law?

Neither handwashing nor hand sanitiser signs are a legal requirement however it is vital that workers and members of the public visiting your workplace are aware of the measures you have put in place and comply with them. Frequent hand washing and sanitising measures have been put in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and signs help to remind and advise people of these measures encourage them to adhere to them. Good hygiene practice is a key element of any Covid risk assessment and signs advising people to keep their hands clean can form an important part of your health and safety measures. It is important to keep up to date with government guidelines and ensure your advice remains relevant.

How many hand washing and hand sanitiser signs do I need?

The number of hand washing and hand sanitiser signs you need is dependent on the size and nature of your business and property.

  • If your business operates over a number of rooms and floors, it is advisable to have signs advising of good hygiene practice in each room to reinforce the importance of this message.
  • If people are coming into regular contact with various different surfaces/workstations and should sanitise or wash their hands afterwards, signs to advise them of this are recommended.
  • If your risk assessment determines you should have hand sanitiser available on your premises, signs to advise people to use it will help to ensure it is used.
  • Handwashing signs could be placed wherever there are the facilities for people to wash their hands – whether it’s a bathroom, in a kitchen where they are preparing food, making a cup of tea or in a canteen.
  • For businesses such as shops, hairdressers, restaurants and gyms, hand sanitiser signs at the entrance and next to any hand sanitiser stations are advisable.
  • There are also lots of different types of handwashing and hand sanitiser signs, so it is advisable to look at them all and determine which are more suitable for your business. Some simply carry the message to wash/sanitise your hands, while others offer more specific advice and instructions and others are more location driven, such as ‘use handwashing station before entering’.
  • There are also additional signs communicating the importance of good hygiene practice, such as the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ sign.
  • If your business operates largely outdoors, such as a construction site, it is advisable to ensure there are signs reminding employees and visitors of good hygiene practice.

Where should handwashing and hand sanitiser signs be positioned?

Handwashing and hand sanitiser signs can be positioned in a number of locations – fixed on walls, ideally at eye level, is the most popular location. Signs can be ordered with a self-adhesive backing for you to stick them to your wall or you can choose to mount them with a wall fixing.

Ideally, you will want to place any handwashing or hand sanitiser signs next to handwashing facilities and next to any hand sanitiser stations. Additional signs at the entrance and placed throughout the building can act as a reminder to people to look out for these facilities and make sure they use them when the arrive and depart from your premises.

The signs are brightly coloured to attract attention and ensure people see them, which is particularly pertinent if you are driving attention of the hand sanitising facilities they are about to pass by.

What size social distancing signs do I need?

The size of the signs you need are totally up to you and will depend largely on where you are putting them and the room you have available. Common handwashing and sanitiser sign sizes include: 150mm x 200mm, 300mm x 200mm, 200mm x 300mm and 400mm x 600mm.