PPE Signs for Infection Prevention

Our PPE Signs for Infection Prevention range helps to support businesses by reminding visitors, employees and anyone visiting the site of the relevant guidelines and best practice with regards to wearing PPE Equipment to limit infections such as Coronavirus Covid 19. Such simple Personal Protection Signs can help keep yourself and others safe with straightforward, clear instructions and reminders for PPE Equipment to be worn. We have specific signage for Wearing a Face Mask, Gloves must be worn, Hand protection must be worn, Respirators must be worn, Wear a Face Shield and many more in this Coronavirus Infection Prevention PPE Sign range. Which PPE signs for infection prevention does my business need?

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  1. Please Wear A Face Covering Sign

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  2. Protective Gloves Must Be Worn Sign

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  3. Eye Protection Must Be Worn Sign

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  4. Wear Face Mask Sign

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  5. Custom Text Sign

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  6. Wear Face Shield Sign

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  7. Cough Etiquette Covid 19 Sign

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  8. Clean Your Hands Don't Pass It On Sign

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  9. Help Prevent Coronavirus Covid-19 Sign

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  10. Respiratory Hygiene Covid 19 Sign

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  11. Face Covering Must Be Worn Sign

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  12. Face Covering Must Be Worn Sign - Square

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  13. Do Not Enter Without A Face Covering Sign

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  14. No Entry Without A Face Covering Sign

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What businesses require PPE signs?

The signs your business may need largely depends on the nature of your business. There are some businesses which will require PPE on a day to day business because it protects the user against health or safety risks in the workplace. That workplace could be a construction site, a laboratory, an operating theatre or companies using hazardous materials. The arrival of Coronavirus has seen an increase in the number of businesses that may need PPE due to the close contact nature of various sectors, particularly for those sectors on the frontline.

Employers have a duty of care regarding the provision and use of PPE at work. Each business should undertake a risk assessment to look at the risk of exposure for staff and customers and then plan your PPE accordingly. If your business requires the use of safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high visibility clothing, safety footwear or safety harnesses, then you may also require PPE signs to alert people to the fact that they will need to utilise this equipment.

With the now added use of face coverings and hand sanitisers in various locations, additional signage may be required to educate your employees/visitors of this when in your place of work.

Are PPE signs for Infection Prevention required by law?

Given the now mandatory wearing of face coverings on public transport and many other public areas, while the PPE signs themselves aren’t required by law, having them available and at easy to read intervals will help to reduce the number of people who are unaware of these guidelines.

There are a number of options available, including ‘Face Coverings Must Be Worn’ and ‘Please Wear Face Coverings’, as well as ‘Do Not Enter Without a Face Covering’ – if your business is a premises where face coverings are required, one of these signs may help to eliminate any potential issues with those who try to come in without one.

How many PPE signs for Infection Prevention do I need?

The number of signs you will need largely depends on the size and nature of your business, as well as the level of footfall going in and out of your building on a daily basis.

When undertaking your risk assessment, you will need to look at the level of PPE equipment required first and then consider the number of signs needed to drive awareness of the use of this equipment.

With regards to the signs on good hygiene practice, having these signs placed intermittently around your building will help to remind people to stick to the guidelines. Signs regarding hand washing and hand sanitiser are also advisable in your company’s bathrooms. Signs at any entrance and exit points to catch people as they arrive and leave will also act as a valuable reminder.

In terms of signs such as ‘Protective Gloves Must Be Worn’ and ‘Eye Protection Must Be Worn’, it is advisable to have these signs in the room where people would be putting these on, and in any additional areas where they should be wearing them.

What size signs do I need?

The PPE signs for Infection Prevention come in a number of sizes, it is up to you to choose which size best suits your business needs. The rectangular signs for both Gloves and Eye Protection are available in either 150mm x 220mm or 450mm x 600mm, while the Coronavirus Etiquette Signs are available as 200mm x 300mm or 400mmm x 600mm. Both are available as self-adhesive stickers or can be mounted on the wall with fixings.

The Square Face Covering Signs are available as a 200mm x 200mm, and can be used indoor or outdoor, and are also fixed to the wall either by using the self-adhesive sticker or with wall fixings.