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A range of specific Coronavirus COVID-19 Social Distancing Signs have been created to help remind people of Social Distancing guidelines for in the Workplace and public places. Our large range of Social Distancing Signage includes 2 metre social distancing (2m), 1 metre Social Distancing (1m), Writable Social Distancing Signs, Covid 19 Posters, Social Distancing Floor Signs, Hanging Signs and more for walkways, forming queues, and keeping a distance apart. Social Distancing (which can also be referred to as physical distancing) is a practice taken to prevent or limit the spread of a contagious disease. It works by maintaining a physical distance between humans to limit the chance of infections spreading between them. Our 1 metre and 2 metre Social Distancing Signs help inform and remind people to follow social distancing guidelines. We offer a large range of social distancing signs and can provide custom quotations if our range below needs customising to suit your environment. What social distancing signs do I need?

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  1. Custom Correx Fluted Plastic Sign Printing

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  2. Custom Text Sign

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  3. Custom Freestanding A-Board Sign

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  4. Custom Dibond Composite Sign Printing

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  5. Custom Retail Dibond Composite Sign Printing

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  6. I Respect The 2m Rule Helmet Sticker

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  7. Social Distancing Zone Please Queue Here Sign

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  8. Social Distancing Zone Sign (Writable)

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  9. Social Distancing Sign

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  10. Keep Safe Stand 2M Apart Sticker

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  11. Keep A Safe Distance Sign

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  12. Keep Safe Stand 2M Apart Sign

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  13. 2m Sign Stickers - Pack of 10

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  14. Please Keep 2m Apart Sticker - Pack of 10

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  15. This Is 2m Keep A Safe Distance Sticker

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  16. Please Keep 2m Apart At All Times Sign

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  17. Please Wait Here Temporary Traffic Sign

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  18. Please Wait Here Hanging Sign

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  19. Important Please Keep Your Social Distance Sign

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  20. Please Avoid Physical Contact Sign

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  21. Do Not Enter If You Feel Unwell Covid-19 Sign

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  22. Max Occupancy Covid 19 Sign

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  23. Work Together Stay Apart Covid 19 Sign

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  24. Keep A Safe Distance Sign (1 Metre)

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  25. Please Keep 1m Apart Stickers (multipack)

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  26. Keep Safe Stand 1M Apart Sign (Multipack)

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  27. Keep Safe Stand 1m Apart Sign

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  28. 1m Sign Stickers (Multipack)

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  29. Social Distancing Zone Sign - 1 Metre

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  30. Social Distancing Sign - 1 Metre

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  31. Please Keep 1 Metre Apart At All Times Sign

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  32. Please Remember Social Distancing Floor Sticker

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  33. Covid Social Distancing Safety Sign Pack (create your own)

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63 Items

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What social distancing signs do I need?

The social distancing signs your company might need will depend on the nature of your business. At present, the government guidelines advocate adopting a 2 metre distance between people where possible. If this is possible in your place of work, then 2 metre social distancing signs would be recommended.

However, the government has recognised that for some businesses, with smaller premises, it is not possible to maintain a 2 metre distance and thus have introduced a 1 metre social distancing rule.

Businesses such as pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and smaller shops may not be able to adhere to a 2 metre rule, whereas businesses such as offices, garden centres, large retailers including supermarkets and clothing departments, and construction sites should be in a position to incorporate the 2 metre rule within their health and safety measures. There is a large range of 2 metre and 1 metre social distancing signs available, as well as a number of writable signs for you to change as and when required.

Additional signs such as maximum occupancy, avoiding physical contact and asking people to wait in a specific area are all conducive to advising people to maintain social distance. Maximum occupancy signs may be required for a number of businesses, particularly shops and supermarkets.

In addition to signage, if you are planning on implementing a one-way system in your venue to help maintain social distancing, directional floor signage can show people how they need to move round the building. It is advised that all businesses carry out a risk assessment to look at all the potential risks associated with reopening and plan accordingly. Your businesses health and safety measures should be communicated to all employees and also included on your company website if possible.

Are social distancing signs required by law?

Social distancing signs are not a legal requirement however it is vital that workers and members of the public visiting your workplace are aware of the measures you have put in place and comply with them. Social distancing has been put in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and signs help to remind and advise people of the measures that have been put in place and encourage them to adhere to them. Social distancing is a key element of any Covid risk assessment and signs can form an important part of your health and safety measures. It is important to keep up to date with government guidelines regarding social distancing and ensuring your advice remains relevant.

How many social distancing signs do I need?

The number of social distancing signs is dependent on the size of your business and property. It also depends on the nature of your business. If you are seeing a steady flow of footfall throughout the day, it is advisable to have social distancing signs before people enter the building and then placed in strategic areas around the building, to act as a constant reminder that social distancing needs to be adhered to throughout. If your business operates over a number of rooms, it is advisable to have signs in each room to reinforce the social distance messaging. Additionally, if your business operates over multiple floors, signs in either staircases, lifts or next to escalators will help to keep people alert at all times.

If your business may need to restrict the numbers of people entering at any one time, you may also need to consider social distancing signs outside of your building to manage queues and to ensure that people are keeping their distance both inside and outside your business.

Where should social distancing signs be positioned?

Social distancing signs can be positioned in a number of locations – fixed on walls, ideally at eye level, is the most popular location. Signs can be ordered with a self-adhesive backing for you to stick them to your wall or you can choose to mount them with a wall fixing.

There are also a number of floor signs available, which can help those queuing at tills to show them how far apart they need to stand whilst waiting. Directional signage can also be utilised and stuck to the floor to help move people in the right direction. If you are planning on having a one-way system in your building, a sign to make people aware of that as they arrive may also help.

If you are planning on implementing a queue system to limit the number of people in the building, an A-board sign asking people to wait will inform customers/visitors.

If you have a member of staff who will be monitoring social distancing and queues, it is also possible to order high-vis vests with the 2 metre social distance messaging on it. You can also utilise cones to mark out 2 metres and advise people on where they need to wait.

What size social distancing signs do I need?

Common social distancing sign sizes include: 200mm x 300mm, 400mm x 600mm, 150mm x 200mm 300mm x 400m and 450mm x 600mm.