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All of our mandatory signage is blue as per UK Health and Safety Regulations. We offer a wide range of signs that deliver a message clearly, by using large logos and clear instructions. Mandatory signs ensure a safe working environment and can help to reduce the number of incidents on site. Our mandatory signs are made from a range of materials, ensuring there’s something for every location.
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35 Items

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Signs That Stand Out To Ensure Staff and Visitors Adhere to Mandatory Behaviours

Mandatory signs are used in the workplace to indicate behaviours that must be adhered to, for example wearing PPE or only entering with a permit to work. They are designed to put their message across as clearly as possible and are used in many workplaces, including Construction Sites, to help reduce risks.

What are Mandatory Health and Safety Signs?

Our HSE Approved Mandatory Health and Safety Signage signals the need for specific behaviour in certain areas. Mandatory signs indicate rules that must be followed to keep staff, contractors, and visitors safe and help to reduce the number of incidents on site.  

Mandatory signs should be used wherever a particular behaviour must be adhered to within a workplace or area of public access. They are needed to comply with UK Health and Safety legislation. 

What Colour Should Mandatory Signage Be?

Mandatory signs are blue with a white symbol on a blue background. They feature a consistent font and symbols that are easily recognised such as the exclamation mark indicating a need to pay attention. 

Our Mandatory Signs come in a variety of sizes and materials. They can be either wall or post mounted. Some are also available as stickers.  

Types of Mandatory Signage 

Mandatory signs indicate instructions that must be followed. Some of the most commonly used Mandatory Signs refer to PPE that must be worn, for example High Visibility Clothing, Ear Defenders or Safety Helmets. Other signs relate to behaviour that Site Visitors must follow such as reporting to a site office.  

Mandatory Signs can also be used to indicate access requirements, such as Keep Out, or Pedestrians This Way signs.  

Custom Mandatory Signs can be made up with your own message and most of our signs can be produced with your company logo.  

Our wide range of Mandatory Signs are available with next day delivery and bulk buy offers. They are made in the UK and come with a 5-year warranty against fading or cracking* (*not applicable to stickers). If you need more information about any of our safety products, contact our customer service team by chat, phone or email.

Mandatory Signs are just part of our huge range of Safety Signs. We also offer signs for Construction Sites, Schools, Fire Safety, PPE Safety, Warning Signs and First Aid Signs