Road Safety Teaching Resources

Teaching children to stay safe around roads

At UK Safety Store, road safety is something we are passionate about. Becoming savvy when it comes to road safety is easiest when education begins at an early age but with more and more families getting around by car, children are encountering fewer opportunities to familiarise themselves with life as a pedestrian and to explore the risks of the road in a safe and supervised way. While there may be no substitute for practical, everyday experience, road safety theory is still a valuable and perhaps even more important aspect of education. That’s why we’ve put together the largest collection of free road safety resources we could muster. Below you’ll find links to videos, games, worksheets, lesson plans and much more to help teachers and parents educate children about the importance of understanding road safety.

Downloadable Teaching Resources

In this section you’ll find links to road safety teaching resources that are free to download, including worksheets, flash cards and posters.

Lesson Plans and Ideas

Here, you’ll find free lesson plans and teaching ideas for teaching road safety, risk assessment and responsible decision making.–be-seen-be-heard-be-aware


This section contains road safety videos that are freely available and suitable to various age groups from EYFS to Key stage 4.


Here, you’ll find links to general advice, tips and online games highlighting the importance of road safety awareness.