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CCTV signs should be displayed at eye level under the Data Protection Act of 1998. As businesses and organisations prioritise security and invest in more robust measures to protect their premises and their employees and customers, CCTV signs play an increasingly important role in creating and maintaining safe, secure spaces. At the UK Safety Store, we have a vast range of CCTV warning signs suited to all companies. What are the legal requirements of CCTV Signs?

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Your guide to CCTV signs

CCTV is a commonly used security measure, which can provide a deterrent to reduce the risk of burglaries and break-ins and record images and footage of incidents that can be passed on to the police. For business owners, CCTV systems can also help to protect employees from abuse or discrimination.

What are the legal requirements for displaying CCTV signs?

If you use CCTV cameras, you should adhere to guidelines that are in place to ensure the responsible operation of surveillance cameras. Business owners who choose to protect their premises with CCTV systems should alert employees, visitors and members of the public that they are being filmed by cameras. Displaying CCTV signs, which tell people that CCTV is in operation, will help to ensure that you meet CCTV signage requirements. You can use different signs, for example, a wall-mounted CCTV in operation sign or a notice saying ‘You are under CCTV surveillance.’ The main objective is to make sure that people who are being filmed are aware of the presence of cameras.

The benefits of warning CCTV signs

There are two main benefits of CCTV warning signs. The first is to act as a deterrent to reduce the risk of burglars targeting business premises. Offices, shops and warehouses can be lucrative targets for thieves, and spotting a CCTV warning sign could convince a burglar to think twice. The second benefit is informing people who do enter the premises, for example, employees and customers, that they are on camera. If you have a system in place, and the cameras are rolling, you must take steps to notify people.

Where to place a CCTV sign

CCTV signs should be positioned close to the camera and they should be displayed at eye level so that they are easy to see. In most cases, warning signs are mounted on the wall just beneath the camera. If you have more than one camera, or your business premises are large and the cameras scan a vast area, it’s useful to display a series of signs.

Our CCTV signs

We have an expansive range of CCTV warning signs available to cater for every client’s requirements. Our products range from wipe-clean signs that can be modified and updated on a regular basis to warning signs that alert customers and employees to 24-hour surveillance cameras. Our signs comply with the latest health and safety regulations and they are designed for indoor and outdoor use.