Covid-19 has boosted demand for face masks and PPE, and we have a wide range of disposable masks and respiratory masks on offer to help cut down on transmissions and increase employee safety.

For basic protection, we offer Disposable Face Masks in packs of 50, which are ideal for distributing among employees or keeping near the premises entrance to allow customers to comply with Covid restrictions and shop safely. These masks are made of anti-allergic material and include elastic ear loops and a mouldable nose bridge to ensure a tight fit.

Our Full Face Visors are another excellent choice for keeping employees safe and compliant with regulations, while avoiding any potential communications issues that face masks can bring. These visors are NHS compliant and come in packs ranging from 5 to 500.

Alongside face masks that can be used in response to Covid-19, we also have a number of more conventional workplace masks available, such as dust masks and fume masks. Excess dust can cause long-lasting respiratory conditions or worsen existing conditions, while toxic fumes can quickly overwhelm unprotected workers. 

The FFP2 Mask with Valve is a good choice for people working in environments with fumes or dust-based hazards, such as welders, painters, industrial cleaners, builders and agricultural workers. For a better level of protection for workers in airborne particle-heavy environments, the FFP3 Respirator Mask is a better option.

FFP ratings show what percentage of airborne particles are filtered by a face mask – FFP1 masks filter at least 80% of particles, FFP2 masks filter at least 94% and FFP3 masks filter at least 99% of particles.

All of our face masks and PPE are designed for wearer comfort and ease of use, and come in multi packs to allow you to buy face masks in bulk.