Floor and Hazard Tapes

Floor marking tapes have always been useful for identifying hazards where signs won’t fit, but with Covid-19, these safety floor tapes have an extra use to help maintain social distancing and keep customers safe.

The classic Black And Yellow Hazard Floor Marking Tape is an ideal choice for marking 2 metre spaces for places like a queue or waiting line, but can also be used more conventionally to indicate the boundary of restricted areas or unsafe flooring, for example. 

If you need to mark out pathways to certain parts of a building or have a colour coding system in place, using a variety of floor tapes can be ideal for making it obvious where certain users need to go. To this end, you could use highly visible Blue Hazard Tape, Red Hazard Tape and Green Hazard Tape to show specific visitors or workers where to go, and having a continuous path from the entrance to the destination can sometimes be better than unspecific signs.

Our hazard tapes aren’t just useful for marking floors, however; if you have a passage that needs blocking or machines that need marking as hazardous, hazard tape can also be used to wrap around items or go across doorways.

All of our hazard and floor marking tapes are 33 metres long, so will provide plenty of tape for marking floors, identifying hazards, guiding visitors or meet any other need that you have. Our safety tape is also made of high quality, durable PCV and is highly resistant to substances such as oil, water and solvents, to ensure longevity and minimise the need for replacements.

Health and Safety Regulations require all hazards to be clearly identified, and by using our highly visible hazard tape, you will be able to highlight potential workplace hazards and minimise the risk of injury.