First Aid Kits

Take a look at the range of first aid kits we sell at UK Safety Store, these kits can provide a full first aid solution for your workplace needs. There are a range of different first aid kits available, including work place first aid kits, vehicle first aid kits, catering first aid kits and many more, each kit is tailor made to suit its purpose and includes different first aid essentials.

It is vital you store a first aid kit on site to comply with health and safety regulations, your health and safety officer will advise on what size first aid kit you require and if any specialist first aid equipment is needed.

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HSE Standard First Aid Kits - a Full First Aid Solution for Your Workplace Needs 

UK Health and Safety Legislation requires every workplace to have a suitably stocked First Aid Kit. What needs to be in that kit will be determined by the level of risk in your workplace environment. Our First Aid Kit range varies from kits suitable for desk-based low risk workplaces with a small number of personnel, to larger enterprises and workplaces with specific risks such as Burns or Sports Injuries.  


What Should Be in a First Aid Kit?

What needs to be in your First Aid Kit will depend on the activities taking place at your workplace and should be based on your First Aid needs assessment. A basic kit, for a low risk, office-based workplace might contain the following as a minimum:

  • A leaflet with simple First Aid advice
  • Individually wrapped sterile plasters of different sizes
  • Sterile eye pads
  • Individually wrapped triangular bandages
  • Safety pins
  • Disposable gloves
  • Individually wrapped, sterile wound dressings


If your workplace activities include kitchen work, working with chemicals or flammable substances, you may also need to include additional items specific to treating burns.  

Whatever your workplace, you should check your First Aid kits meet everything required in your needs assessment. If any items are used, they should be replaced. Each kit should be checked regularly to ensure it is fully stocked, that none of the contents have passed their expiry date and that they are still all fit for purpose. 


Types of First Aid Kits 

At UK Safety Store we offer a range of First Aid Kits for workplaces of different sizes and levels of risk. A small, largely desk-based company might just need our 10 Person HSE Standard First Aid Kit our with larger teams, our 50 Person HSE Standard First Aid Kit. For employees on the road, we offer a Compact Vehicle First Aid Kit or a small 1 Person First Aid Kit Wallet. Schools and Childcare providers might also need a specialist Child Care First Aid Kit and catering facilities may need a Burns Kit or specialist Catering First Aid Kit.

For workplaces at risk of major incidents or emergencies, our First Response Kit contains dressings capable of dealing with more serious wounds and severe bleeding, and is in a handy grab bag that is easy to carry across a wider working area.  

We also offer a range of First Aid Signs to indicate where to find First Aid Kits and who First Aiders are within the workplace.  

First Aid Kits are just part of our wide range of Health and Safety equipment and signage, including Fire Equipment. They come with next day delivery and bulk buy offers. If you need more information about any of our safety products, contact our customer service team by chat, phone, or email.