First Aid Essentials

Our First Aid essentials provide workplace and other first aid product to take to events or keep in your car for emergencies. Accidents can happen at any time but our First Aid essentials will help first responders to provide immediate and effective treatment and prevent bad situations from getting worse.

For the workplace, the GDPR First Aid Accident Record Book will enable the proper recording of workplace accidents, and ensure that proper data protection procedures are followed after an incident. For minor injuries such as cuts and scratches, our selection of Cotton Gauze Swabs is ideal for cleaning wounds and preventing infection.

We offer a number of products that cater to public and sporting events - first aiders at events can be clearly identified by our First Aider Badge, while our selection of foil blankets can be used to treat or prevent hypothermia in cold conditions. Our Foil Blanket First Aid Kit comes equipped with 100 blankets and is perfect for treating a large number of individuals after a planned event like a run, or in an emergency like an evacuation scenario. Cellular Blankets are also an excellent choice for keeping patients warm and can be used alongside foil blankets to respond to patients at risk of hypothermia.

Our portable rebreather and bestselling pocket-size mouth-to-mouth shields are perfect for keeping you and others safe while first aid is being applied, particularly during CPR. Providing immediate treatment to unconscious people is essential to saving lives and preventing long-term damage, and our products will help to ensure the successful treatment of patients alongside providing safety for the first aider.

All of our First Aid Essentials will help to ensure compliance with HSE First Aid regulations, and keep you and your team prepared for any unexpected accidents or sudden emergencies.