The Importance Of Fire Exit Safety Signs

Fire Exit Signs are one of the most important types of signs that are present in a building. In case of a fire, the arrows on these signs tell people where to go instead of going elsewhere in panic

To get an idea of the importance of fire exit signs, imagine being present in building that’s on fire with the fire alarm ringing. The fire door retainer has closed the fire door behind you, and you feel that you are trapped. Your heart beat increases. You start to panic. There’s only one opening that leads to the corridor. Upon reaching the corridor, you see a sign pointing you towards safety. Had there been no fire exit sign in the corridor, the risk of danger would have been considerably higher. You may have taken the wrong path and reached a dead end. Or, you may have decided to use the elevator in panic.

The inexpensive safety signs at the end of the corridor are a blessing in a fire emergency. The UK has very strict fire regulations. All types of buildings are regulated; it’s mandatory for the buildings to have a fire exit sign on top of the door saying “Fire Exit” as well as a sign showing that it’s a fire door. A lot of buildings take the extra precaution of having fire arrow signs all over the building for leading people to the fire exit door.

Fire exit signs are a part of the health and safety planning of a building. Hanging the signs is also done very carefully. Special attention is given to the sign’s height to make sure it’s visible to all. Photo luminescent fire exit signs are used if there emergency lighting is not installed in the building. In the UK, it’s mandatory to have visible and easily found fire exits. Local fire officers can provide information about the fire exit signs needed in a particular building. It’s important that the fire exit signs have both the words “fire exit” and the fire symbol on them. Moreover, it’s illegal in the UK to display exit signs that just have "fire exit" on them.

Fire Exit signs are a very important safety precaution because they can save lives in the event of a fire emergency. When using these signs in a building, it’s important to display them in such a way that everyone can easily see and understand them.