Fire Exit Signs Laws And Legislation In The UK

What Fire Exit Signs do I need for my Workplace?

In the UK there is a lot of legislation in place with regards to health and safety in the workplace or where large amounts of people will congregate. Just as all businesses should ensure that they have first aid kits and fire extinguishers in their premises they must also make sure that they have the relevant fire exit signs installed.

In a building each door that is used as the final exit point for the evacuation of people from it when a fire occurs should have a fire exit sign above them. Plus there must also be one situated at the main entrance along with the fire exit doors from the relevant areas in the building. Plus other fire exit signs should be situated above the doors that lead into and out of every room in the building.

The signs that are used in the UK today are ones that must bear either a picture or symbol which clearly defines what the sign is. In many cases along with the sign saying fire exit or a picture of a person walking through the door other signs may be displayed as well.

One of these may well be a floor plan that clearly defines the routes to be taken when a fire occurs. In most cases on these types of signs used for denoting fire exits the route will be marked in red whilst all other routes around the building will be marked in black.

It is important that all fire exit signs are not placed too high and should be clearly seen from all areas of a room. In many cases today companies are now investing money in purchasing photoluminescent signs as these glow in the dark, especially if they cannot afford to install emergency lighting.

As is mandatory by law today in the UK all routes that will be used to exit a building in the event of a fire must be clearly marked with signs. It is important that the signs being used are ones that comply with the current fire regulations, which if you are unsure about your local Fire Office or a professional fire risk assessor should be able to confirm what these are.

All the fire exit signs can have wording on them they must also include a symbol as we mentioned above. If you have signs in your building which merely say “fire exit” these are in fact no longer legal and so will have to be replaced with those that are.

The one sign that is the one you are most likely to see within public buildings, offices and factories today is the one that shows a person going through an open doorway. However, there are other fire exit signs that are used and these can be seen around Europe and show a person moving towards a door. It is important to recognize both of these symbols so you know exactly what they are and why they are there.